JUL 3 // How I Tackle My Goals Using A Simple & Effective Method || by Mari Martins

Are you constantly struggling to achieve your fitness goals? You keep trying new diets, workouts, but none of them really work for you and because of that you get tired of failing and end up giving up? This was me in the past; and with this post I want to share with you the simple steps I used to successfully build a healthier lifestyle and lose weight; which can also be used to tackle any type of goal outside of fitness.

I struggled with weight loss the majority of my life, ever since I was a little girl. I tried all different types of diets; I even went to doctors who prescribed me weight-loss pills.  As you probably have guessed, nothing solved my issues.

I decided to really put some effort in the things that I have always wanted to change - my weight and lifestyle - and that’s when I truly broke out of my bad habits and managed to continue living a healthy lifestyle to this day. (Proof photo below!)

I believe that a strong mind is capable of ANYTHING. Whatever you want to achieve in your life, including having a better lifestyle, you will be able to acquire it by following these steps and by building a mindset that focuses on the target: your goals.

  • Focus on your goals and stick to the plan that you are going to set for yourself. Do not waste your time looking anywhere else but ahead. There are thousands of paths to follow but if you keep changing your strategy, you will never progress.
  • Set a doable goal, for instance, if you want to lose 30 pounds, do not set a goal that says, “Lose 30 pounds in one month”. Think about something doable and….
  • Set a period to achieve that goal. Think about small changes that you can do to improve your health. Like, “Start Exercising”. So, your goal would be, “Exercise at least 3 times a week this month”. In this case, the 30-pound loss will be consequence of your actions.
  • Plan each step. In the beginning, write down every step in your journey to achieve your end goal. With this in mind and (keep it handy) it is easier to keep track of your progress and it will keep you focused on what is important.
  • Break down your goal into smaller goals. For instance, if your goal is to, “Run 5km”, set your first smaller goal as, “Run 1km”. This way, your goal is achievable, which will leave you feeling accomplished and capable of achieving more. 
  • Give yourself enough time to test your plan. Commit to 1 month of working on your new goals and then evaluate your progress. It is important to give enough time to see if you are on the right path, and to re-adjust if you’re not seeing progress.
  • Do not give up. Always remember the reason why you started in the first place. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Eating healthier and exercising are not easy if you have never done them before. It requires effort, persistence, patience and focus. But I can guarantee you that it is all worth it.
  • Believe in yourself. If it gets harder, and it will, that means it’s working. Keep going. The reason why you have the smaller goals is for you to realize how capable you are and how much you can do for yourself. 
  • The only person responsible for your success and failure is YOU. Just do not STOP.

Because of these small steps, I changed my way of living. Believe it or not, I lost that weight more than 10 years ago and for the past 4 years I have been competing as a bodybuilder athlete, which is something that I have never thought I would be able to achieve. I keep applying these steps in everything I want to achieve in my life and it always works. I really hope that it will work for you too. Take action now. Do not waste time doubting yourself. I did it, you can do it.

Mari Martins | @canada_fit






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